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It seems like a myth that we, the human beings,
once controlled all of this land.

The civilized world, which nobody doubted was given to us by God,
completely collapsed because due to a sudden, terrifying event.

When the black abyss, said to be a door into a different world, appeared on the land,
a storm of chaos gushed out from the abyss destroying our belief
that the world was a gift from God.

Those of us that were looking for
a miraculous rescue instead received a sentence of death,
passed by the horrifying creature that spawned from the chaos.

The creature and its legions of demons took control of our world,
and human beings were reduced to this feeble existence.

Famous wizards have said that the potential of humankind is
limited because of our feebleness.

We can pray for the ability to accept our defeat and death at anytime,
but we have the volition to do so much more than that.

Our feebleness and fears of death have inspired us to improve ourselves.

And now, human beings of the old world are daring to confront the power of
the other world and be strengthened by the fighting spirit that has risen
out of our fear of death.

In front of the demons, who rampage around as if all their enemies have been
conquered, warriors take swords, and wizards stand up in a glorious aura.

We, the human beings, have entered into a war to govern a new world.
To this day, we continue fighting.



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