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ShadowFlare: Episode Four Released! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episode Four now!

This is the final episode of ShadowFlare.
Thank you very much for your support. 

Feb.13 2003

ShadowFlare: Episode One Now Available for Free! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episode One for free!

Those who have purchased Episode One will be given a free license key for Episode Four.  Thank you for your support!

Jan.21 2003

ShadowFlare: Episode Three Released! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episode Three now!

Jan.10 2003

ShadowFlare: Episode Two Released! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episode Two now!

Dec.10 2002

ShadowFlare: New Utilities! 

ShadowFlare Lobby Client (Server Browser) and Item Catalog released!

Oct. 25 2002

ShadowFlare: Episode One Released!

Download ShadowFlare: Episode One now!

Oct.8 2002

Release Dates:

Episode One  - October 8, 2002

Episode Two  - December 10, 2002

Episode Three  - January 10, 2003

Episode Four  - February 2003

What Others are Saying about ShadowFlare:

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4/23/03 Reviewed by GameSpy.

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3/31/03 Reviewed by TGMONLINE.

2/19/03 Episode Three: reviewed by MadGamer.

2/18/03 Episode Three: reviewed by RPGFan.

1/9/03 Episode Two: reviewed by RPGFan .

1/8/03 Episode Two: reviewed by Just-RPG .

12/23/02 Episode One: reviewed by RPGDOT .

12/6/02 Episode Two: reviewed by MadGamer .

12/6/02 Episode Two: reviewed by RPG Vault.




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