- Shortcut Keys -

By using shortcut keys,
operations can be conducted quickly.

The following is a list of shortcut keys.

[F1]to[F8] Select a magic to be used with the right-click button.
[F9] Select an attack for right-click.
[1]to[8] Use items in Belt Pocket.
[B] Land mines.
[P] Turn on increased-power mode.
[Ctrl] Hold it while walking, and the player can run.
It works when 'Walk' is selected.
[Shift] Press it while walking or running, and the player stops
in place. Hold SHIFT while left-clicking to attack in place.
[CapsLock] Swap equipment
[TAB] + Left-click Let companion get items or let companion jump attack enemies.
[TAB] + Right-click Companion's Dash. (Episode 2 and later)
[Space] Toggle companion's attack mode to Active/Inactive.
[Enter] Enter normal chat message.
[Shift] + [Enter] Enter common chat message.
[S] Open Status window.
[I] Open Items window.
[X] Open Special Items window. (Episode 3 and later)
[M] Open Magic window.
[Q] Open Mission List window.
[N] Open the Navigation window/Map. (Episode 2 and later)
[R] Switch Walk/Run.
[H] Open Help window.
[Print Screen] Get screen shots.
[Scroll Lock] Show producers.
[Pause] Save screen shot for Load screen image.
[ESC] Open the Settings Menu, or close individual windows.