- Professions and Career Changing -

Each player has a profession.
Player skills and status vary depending on the current player profession.

There are four kinds of professions:

Mercenary This is the primary profession.
After changing to other professions, players cannot be a mercenary again.
Warrior Warriors are good at close combat and sword fighting.
Wizard/Witch Wizards/Witches are good at using magic.
Hunter Hunters are good at long-range fighting and archery.


Conditions to Change Career

The professions that players can become depend on how often players use certain arms or magic.
If the player fulfills certain conditions and status levels, they can change their career.


How to Change Career

Once a player has fulfilled career change requirements, the 'Change Career' button
shows up on the Status screen. Left-click on it and the player can select a new profession.
Once players change their careers, they cannot change back
unless they have fulfilled the requirements to change again.


Relationship between Status and Professions

Status levels that can be increased and the rate at which they increase depend on the profession of the player.



The types of magic and the order in which spells are learned depend on the player's profession and their basic attributes.