- Setup -
Installation from a downloaded file
ShadowFlare is distributed as a self-extracting file. 
You don't need any external programs to setup ShadowFlare. 
Click on the download link and save the file to your hard disk in a location you will remember. 
After the download has completed, double-click the file. 
In the extracted files, please read ReadMe.txt first.
Double-click the SFSetup or SFSetup.exe icon,
and follow the on-screen instructions.
To install Episode One and later, you will need a license key.
Please start the installation after you've received a license key.

- Uninstall -

Select Control Panel on the Start Menu,
and select Add or Remove Programs.
From the list of installed programs, select ShadowFlare
and click the Change/Remove button.
After a confirmation, ShadowFlare will be uninstalled.