- Controlling Your Character -


Walk Run Talk Attack
Use Magic Switch Spells Increased Power Mode Triple Attack
Change Equipment Change Companion's Attack Mode Companion Dash Companion Jump
Check Companion's Status Land Mines Transporting Use a Gate
Switch Run and Walk Pick Up Items Throw Away Items Use Items
Put Items in Warehouse Let Companion Pick up Items Equip with Items Repair Equipment
Identify Items Push a Button/Pull a Switch Use a Brain Globe Open/Close Doors
Change Career

Open Status Screen

Open Items Screen Open Special Items Screen
Open Magic Screen Open Warehouse Screen Open Mission List Open Map
Open Help Screen Get a Screen Shot    

Position the cursor to a location on the screen and left-click the mouse. Your character will walk to that position.

*When 'Walk' is selected, your character can run by holding CTRL and left-clicking on a location.

Left-click on the 'Run' icon on the main playing screen. Position the cursor on a location on the screen and left-click the mouse. Your character will run to that position.

*If you hold left-click down and move the cursor around the screen, your character will follow the cursor.

Put the cursor on the character you wish to talk to and left-click. You may find some characters with selectable choices of dialogue. In that situation, left-click your dialogue choice.
Point the cursor on the enemy you want to attack and left-click. Your attack, however, may be disregarded if the enemy attacks you first.

*If your character is equipped with a bow gun and you want to attack the enemy consecutively, point the cursor on the enemy and keep pressing left mouse button.

*By holding SHIFT and left-clicking, the player can attack in place without walking.

Use Magic

Point the cursor on an enemy and right-click to cast a spell on it.

A character needs to learn spells, otherwise, the player cannot use any magic.
The spell that will be cast is the spell selected on the Magic/Attack Menu bar.

*Some spells are strictly for defense while others are for attack.

Switch Spells
Once you've learned one or more magic spells, you can switch spells by selecting a spell icon on the Magic/Attack Menu bar.

Put your cursor on a spell icon and left-click on it. The spell will be active. Also, pressing a function key between F1 and F9 allows you to choose spells from the keyboard.

Increased Power Mode

After you've been fighting for a certain amount of time, the power button on the left hand side of the screen will start blinking. If you click the button while it is blinking, your power will increase temporarily. Speed of movement, offensive power, and level of magic will all increase. Pressing the P key on the keyboard also allows you to activate it.

Triple Attack

Only warriors that have reached a certain level can use the sword Triple Attack. Select the Sword icon from the Magic/Attack Menu bar, and right-click to use the Triple Attack.

Even if the Sword icon isn't selected on the Magic/Attack Menu bar, left-clicking + right-clicking allows you to use the Triple Attack.

Change Equipment

Players can set two different sword and shield configurations on the Items screen. These configurations can be switched by clicking on the 'I' or 'II' Change Equipment buttons on the Items screen or by pressing the CapsLock key on your keyboard.

Click here for more detail.

Change Companion's Attack Mode

Your animal companion has two attack modes: ACTIVE and INACTIVE. The current attack mode is shown next to the Companion HP Gauge, which is on bottom left corner of the screen.

To change the mode, left-click the Companion HP Gauge. The space key on the keyboard can also change modes.


Attack enemies independently. The companion fights along side the player and makes its own decisions. The companion also follows any additional player instructions. In this mode, the companion takes damage from enemy attacks.

INACTIVE Dependent on player instructions. The companion strictly follows player instructions and just follows otherwise. In this mode, enemies cannot hurt the companion.
Companion Dash

Your companion can dash attack enemies. To activate the dash attack, point the cursor in the direction to dash and right-click while pressing the TAB key on the keyboard.

Companion Jump

Companion's Jump allows you to jump kick enemies out of the way and relocate your companion (possibly to push buttons).

To tell your companion to jump, point the cursor on a location or enemy you want it to land on, then left-click while pressing the TAB key on the keyboard.

Check Companion's Status

Your companion also has its own status parameter. Players can check its status. 

To check your companion's status, point the cursor on your companion and left-click while pressing TAB on the keyboard.

Land Mines

When you lay a mine on the ground and an enemy steps it on, the mine explodes and can cause extensive damage to one or more enemies. If the mine isn't stepped on, it will explode after a certain amount of time.

To lay a mine, position the player at the point where you want to lay the mine and push the mine button near the bottom of the screen. You can also push the B key to lay a mine.


If you've learned the transport spell and use it, a transport gate will appear that allows you to transport to the nearest town. A transport gate will also appear in the town at the location you warp to, so you can re-enter it to warp back to the previous location.

In order to transport, choose the Transport icon on the Magic/Attack bar and right-click.

If you are using version 1.004.000 or higher, the name of the person who created the transport will be indicated on the gate.

Use a Gate

If you use a gate, you can immediately warp to the gate that you were previously at.

In order to use a gate, left-click on it, and a list of possible gates to warp to will be shown. Left click on the gate you wish to warp to.

Switch Walk/Run

'Walk' is the default form of movement. When 'Walk' is selected, you can run by holding CTRL and left-clicking on a location. However, 'Run' can also be selected as the default.

To change the default, left-click on the 'Run' or 'Walk' icon on the main playing screen. When 'RUN' is selected, your character will run when moving. When 'WALK' is selected, your character will walk.

Pick Up Items
Monsters can drop items, and the people in towns may give you items. Pick up items to add them to your inventory.

Point the cursor on the item you wish to pick up and left-click. However, if your inventory is full, you can't pick up any more items.

Throw Away Items

In order to get rid of an item, left-click the item that you want to rid of on the Items screen, drag the item to a location in the field, and left-click.

You can pick the item up again if you want it back.

Use Items
Tablets, capsules, and other items can be used on your player.

In order to use items, open the Items screen, move the cursor to an item, and right-click the item. The items in your belt pocket are also usable. You can use keyboard keys 1 through 8 to use Belt Pocket items.

Put Items in a Warehouse

You can keep items in your inventory or you can store items in a warehouse.

To put items in a warehouse, open the Items screen, left-click on the item that you want to put in the warehouse, drag the cursor to the Warehouse Transfer Box icon, and left-click. Items can also be stored or retrieved from a warehouse by left clicking on a warehouse.

Let Companion Pick Up Items
Your animal companion can pick up an item for you.

To have your companion pick up items, move the cursor to the item you want to pick up, hold the TAB key and left-click on it. However, if your inventory is full, you cannot pick up the item.

Equip with Items

Once you acquire armor and weapons, you can outfit your player with them.

In order to equip your player with armor and weapons, open the Items screen, left-click on the item you wish to use, and move the cursor to the appropriate body part or space in the Items screen and left-click.

Armor and weapons have to be placed on the proper space or body part. Accessories, like rings, can be placed in the four accessory spaces next to the Warehouse Transfer icon.

Repair Armaments
The more you use your weapons and armor, the more they will wither and their durability will decrease. When the durability of an item reaches 0, the item will no longer work. However, armaments can be repaired to use again.

In order to repair an item, you need to talk to merchants in towns and ask them to repair it for you. Some merchants won't repair your items.

Identify Items

When you see the ? icon on an item in the Items screen, it means that you are unsure of what the item is and a merchant needs to identify it for you. You can't equip an item with a ? icon unless a merchant appraises it.

In order to have your items identified, talk to a merchant in a town and ask them to identify it. If you have your items identified, other items (with a ?) in the town warehouse will be identified too. Some merchants won't identify items.

Push a Button/Pull a Switch
In order to open doors or activate certain parts of towns or ruins, you may have to find and push a switch or button.

To push the button or pull a switch, left-click on the button/switch.

Use a Brain Globe

There are 'Brain Globes' that open hidden areas and function like switches in towers and remains.

To activate a Brain Globe, put the cursor on the globe and hold the left-click button. When the count you see becomes 0, the globe will activate.

Open/Close Doors
There are closed doors in towers and remains.

In order to open/close the doors, point the cursor on the door and left-click.

*Some doors are locked and switches, buttons, or brain globes need to be activated or tasks need to be completed in order to open them.

Change Career

You can select a profession as a warrior, wizard/witch, or hunter once you've reached a certain level in the game.

To change your career, open the Status screen and left-click 'Change Profession to ----.'

Your career cannot be changed at anytime. The Change Career option has to be activated by reaching a certain level or by using arms and magic.

Open Status Screen
You can check your status and condition in the Status screen.

To open the Status screen, left-click the status button on the right side of the screen. Hitting the S key can also open it.

Open Items Screen

Equip and check the status of items on the Items Screen.

To open the Items Screen, left-click the item button on the right side of the screen.
Hitting the I key can also open it.

Open Special Items Screen (Episode 3 and later)
You can see and use rare special items that are not exchangeable between players.

After opening the Items Screen, push the special Items Screen button on the lower left side of the screen. The X key can also activate the screen.

Open Magic Screen

On the Magic screen, you can see spells that have been attained and transfer them to the Magic/Attack Menu bar.

After opening the Status screen, left-click on the Magic tab at the top of the screen. The M key can also open this screen.

Open Warehouse Screen

Once you've opened the Warehouse screen, you can pick up items you've kept there and place new items you'd like to store there.

To open the Warehouse screen, position the player near the warehouse, and left-click the warehouse..

Open Mission List

You can see your missions and the missions that you've already cleared on the Mission List screen.

To open the mission list, left-click on the menu icon in the main screen and select 'Mission List'. You can also push the Q key to pull up the list.

Open Map (Episode 2 and later)

The Map Screen gives an overview that highlights nearby areas that you've been to and shows your location relative to your surroundings. In the online mode, you can locate other players.

To open the map screen, left-click on the menu icon and select 'Map'.  You can also open it by hitting the N key.

Open Help Screen

The Help Screen shows functional keys and commands for your player in the game.

Click on the menu icon and then select "Help" to open the Help Screen.

Get a Screen Shot

You can save screenshots of game action as a bitmap file.

To take screen shots, push the print screen key. The screen shots taken will be saved in the screen shot folder within your 'ShadowFlare' folder.