- Starting the Game Online -
ShadowFlare is a network compatible game, and up to four people can play online at the same time.
In online mode, players can clear missions or improve their status with the help of other players.
To play the game with others online, 
select ONLINE MODE in the game mode window.

To play the game online, players need a host, or "Main Player",
and clients, or "Guest Players", connected to the host.
This sort of configuration allows users to play together.
There is only one host, but a maximum of three clients can play together with a host.

When playing online, you should decide
who the host will be and who the clients will be.
Also, a host should provide his/her IP Address to the other players.
We also recommend that the host have the highest performing PC amongst the players.

Once you've selected ONLINE MODE, players can choose to become the host or a client with this window.
NEW GAME Select this to become a host.
After the loading screen appears, a new game will start.
As soon as the game starts, the host can accept client connections.
JOIN GAME Select this to become a client and join a host-created game.
BACK Return to the game mode window.

Clients should type in the IP Address of the host with numbers and periods.
If the IP Address is copied onto the clip board, you can paste the address by clicking the button shown on the right of the text box.

After typing the address, click OK.
After the load screen, the game will start.

If error messages appear and the screen returns to the Title screen after loading, please check the following:
- Whether or not you're connected to the network, such as logging onto the Internet.
- Whether or not the IP Address is correct.
- Whether or not the IP Address includes only numbers and periods.
- Whether or not your version of the game is the same as the host's version
If you still have problems after checking the above, it is likely that a network problem has occurred.

How to Confirm the IP Address
The IP Address of the host is shown on the upper right hand corner of the screen as soon as the host starts the game.
Pressing the ESC key or opening the Menu screen during gameplay shows the IP Address as well.

*If a host has more than one IP Address, an error can occur if the correct IP Address is not selected.
How to check ShadowFlare version
The version of ShadowFlare is shown on the lower right hand corner of the Title screen after starting the game.
The version is displayed in a x.xxx.xxx format as shown on the right.