- Starting the Game -

After installing and running ShadowFlare, the Title screen pops up with the following options:

NEW GAME This requires you to create a character and start a new game. If you have already created six characters, the NEW GAME option will not appear. In this case, delete saved data from the LOAD GAME screen.
LOAD GAME This allows you to continue any previously created and saved games. If you don't have any saved data, this option will not appear.
EXIT This allows you to quit the game.
If you select NEW GAME on the Title screen, the Character Creation screen appears.

First choose your character; click on either male or female. Then, you are prompted to give your new character a name. You can type your favorite name as long as it is less than 20 characters. When you play the game in online mode, the name should be recognizable to other players; therefore, you might need to consider what name you'll use before you type it in.

After you have typed in a name, click on the OK button shown on the lower right of your screen, or press Enter.

If you choose LOAD GAME, previously saved games will appear on your screen.

The boxes numbered from 1 to 6 on the screen are saved data files. The box that says "No Data" means that there is an empty data space. Choose a saved file, then click the OK button.

If you want to erase previously created data, choose a file and click the DELETE button shown on the lower left of your screen.


After you've clicked the OK button on the Character Creation screen or Load Game screen, a window to choose the game mode opens.

ONLINE MODE Select this option to play a multi-player game over a network or on the Internet. See Starting the Game Online for details.
SINGLE MODE Select this option to play the game by yourself. If you select this option, the game will start after the loading screen.
BACK Select this option to close the current window and go back to the previous screen - return to the Character Creation or Load Game screen.