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Q1. I am playing the demo version. I want to go to Cold Svalt Town, and a guard standing in front of the gate keeps saying "If you go further with your current abilities, you may die." What can I do now?
A1. That's the end of the demo version. To get into Cold Svalt Town and
other places, you must download and install Episode One.
Q2. Where can I find the version number of my copy of ShadowFlare?
A2. The version is displayed on the bottom right-hand corner of the initial screen after starting ShadowFlare.
It is displayed in a format.
Q3. The network game mode isn't working. What's going on?
A3. There are several possible reasons for network mode errors and many are because of improper network environment settings. 
Here are a few more common reasons for errors:
・Required TCP port is unavailable.
・Host has a private IP address.
・Condition of communication pathway is bad.

Since there are so many possible causes for network errors, it's hard for us to pinpoint the cause of an error in any specific case.
Please see Q4, Q5, and Q7 for related information. 
Q4. Is a global IP address required to play in network mode?
A4. It depends on your network environment and settings, but in many cases, private IP addresses can be used for clients (join a game) but not to host.
Q5. What port is used for playing in network mode?
A5. TCP port 12648 is used for ShadowFlare network mode.
Q6. Although I've entered the correct user ID and password on the website, I can't log in.
A6. A login error occurs when user the ID or password is wrong. If you entered the correct user ID and password and still cannot log in, try enabling cookies in your browser settings.
Q7. Can players that are using Episode 1 play in network mode with players that are using Episode 2?
A7. No. Players using different ShadowFlare versions or episodes cannot play in network mode together.
Q8. A dialog box that says "insufficient virtual memory" keeps popping up while I'm playing the game.
A8. This means that frequent memory swapping is occurring in your computer. We recommend increasing the amount of virtual memory by installing more main memory.

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