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Game Tips - Episode 4

Seeking Only the Strongest:
 Episode 4 is the last chapter of ShadowFlare. Extremely strong monsters, which were not present in previous episodes, appear in Episode 4. If you feel that the enemies are too strong, you are encouraged to return to Episode 3 to improve your skills and collect more useful items.

 It is recommended that at least King, Conqueror, or Angel class weapons and armor from Episode 3 should be equipped to face the demons of Episode 4.

 Enemies in the latter half of Episode 4 are so strong that a player may be killed instantly if he/she doesn't have a high enough status level or strong enough equipment.

 Magic Books for Wizards/Witches appear in Episode 3 and later. Equip yourself with these to boost magical defense and attack capabilities.

 Aim at becoming as powerful as you can by improving attributes, equipment, accessories, and choosing the proper profession!

Black Market Merchants:
 Players who have lost items after being killed can sometimes repurchase the lost items from black market merchants. Take advantage of black marketers when important items have been dropped or lost.

Black market merchants often sell rare magical items. It may be better to purchase the items than try to find them in the battlefield.

Premium Items:
 There are a large number of premium and extremely rare items, weapons, and armor in Episode 4. Difficult and high-ranking monsters are likely to drop premium items.

 Players are encouraged to be equipped with premium magic items and equipment in order to be effective against the more powerful demons of Episode 4.

 New types of animal companions have been added to Episode 4; however, it may be more advantageous to keep your original companion if it's status level and parameters have been maximized.

 Companion HP can now be recovered gradually if the companion mode is set to INACTIVE, so let your companion rest every now and then.

 Different areas have distinct background music in Episode 4. Along with the map, the music can make it easier to distinguish between different field areas. As the picture to the right indicates, you can adjust the volume of both Sound Effects and Background Music on the settings screen.


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