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Episode 3 Additional Features:


In Episode 3, explore larger fields and ruins in a more complex storyline by using your strengthened character from Episodes 1 & 2.

New Game Features:
 As the picture to the right indicates, players can now switch weapon and shield configurations from the Item Screen by pressing the CapsLock key while fighting. This function is also useful for preparing another bowgun if a Hunter runs out of bullets or arrows in his/her current bowgun. Warriors can now obtain heavy weapons that require two hands to use. The equipment change feature can be used to swap between two-handed arms to fight weaker enemies or to a sword and shield for enemies with higher offensive power. Have special blacksmiths in certain towns change the color of your equipment.

Player Attributes:
 In Episode 3, attribute Medicines can be obtained to boost player attributes. Attributes can change up to +-10% depending on the items or medicine used. Attribute medicines and items are also effective in boosting player status parameters because certain parameters depend on player attributes. For instance, if players are short on defensive power, they could make up for it by improving their Water attribute level. A special bonus effect can be induced if opposite attributes (like water and fire) are both maximized.

 Individual playing cards (King, Queen, etc.) from a card set are hidden throughout the world of ShadowFlare. Once you've obtained all of the playing cards and have reached a certain area of the game, you may find a bonus card game. By winning the card game, you can receive rare items and multiply your gold total.

 Once a player reaches higher status levels in Episode 3, some of the player's status parameters may not increase very much if he/she has been keeping the same profession. In Episode 3, changing professions allows players to acquire new abilities and is necessary to increase certain player parameters. There are also advantages to keeping the same profession, and the player can improve his/her current abilities. However, as the charts indicate, there are differences in certain parameters when a player raises his/her level. In Episode 3, the difficulty level is relatively high, so players are encouraged to experiment with professions to obtain new skills and increase status parameters.


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