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Game Tips - Episodes 1 & 2

Collecting Items:
 After Episode 1 starts, equipment and items can be picked up and put into inventory. If any of these items are unknown (items with a ? icon next to them), go to a town and have a merchant judge the items.

 If you're looking for particular or rare items but are unable to find them, try exchanging items with other players via network mode.

Establishing Your Playing Style:
 There can be a remarkable difference between any two players' playing styles and attributes once players have changed professions in Episodes 1 & 2. Game players are encouraged to form a playing style that best suits them by choosing their favorite profession, weapons, armor, and accessories. Keep the following characteristics in mind when choosing a profession:
- Warriors are good at close combat because of their high stamina and defensive ability.
- Wizards/Witches are excellent with magic but have low stamina and defensive power. They should stick mostly to medium or long range attacks.
- Hunters are good at long-range fighting by using bowguns and mines while luring enemies.

Watching Enemy Attributes:
 An enemy's elemental attribute can be identified by the color of the sphere next to their name/description when you put the cursor over it. Identify your strongest attributes, and attack enemies whose attributes are weak compared to yours. Fight skillfully against enemies with stronger attributes by attacking and moving.

 Wizards/Witches can use magic effectively against enemies. For example, powerful Fire magic can be used against Water attribute enemies, and Lightning magic can be very effective against Earth enemies.

Making Good Use of the Map:
 From Episode 2 and on, the areas to be explored will be large, and the map is an indispensable tool to navigate through without getting lost.

If you explore areas that are not requested of you in your missions, you may find special items or surprises.

Try training and adventuring through the lands of ShadowFlare with friends in network mode. You can keep track of other players' locations on your map.


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