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Game Tips - Pre-Scenario

Getting Used to the Gameplay Features:
 Try and get comfortable with the player controls before heading out on Episode 1 missions. Try to become familiar with attacking, using companion/partner commands, using mines, using magic (once spells have been obtained), and using medicine during battle.

Making Good Use of Mines:
 Since a player is fairly weak in the earlier stages of the game, mastering the use of land mines is useful because the player can attack enemies while keeping space between him/her and the enemies.

 If mines are used effectively, many enemies can be destroyed with a single mine, and groups of enemies can be dispersed by the explosive effect.

 Try laying several mines one after another. Once enemies are propelled by the blast of a mine, they may run into other mines causing a chain effect. Players are encouraged to master this technique.

Using Your Companion:
 Because of player weaknesses in the early stages of the game, it is important to effectively use your animal companion. Have the companion defeat and disperse enemies by using companion jump attacks and by giving attack commands.

 By using the companion jump feature in dungeons and ruins, companions can jump over walls to push buttons and switches.

 Once a player has reached status level 5, he/she automatically becomes a Warrior. The player can keep the Warrior status by continuing to use a sword. In order to have the option of changing to a Wizard/Witch, use magic frequently after level 5. The Hunter option may become selectable if a sling or bowgun is used frequently.

 Try to find a profession that best fits you in the earlier stages of the game. Changing professions frequently in the early stages of the game doesn't allow much room for status parameter growth, so beginners should avoid it. For advanced players, changing professions can help develop weaker status parameters and add magic abilities.


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