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ShadowFlare is a mission-based PC action/role-playing game that consists of 4 episodes.  You start your journey as a hired mercenary working for gold, precious items, and fighting experience in a demon-ruled land. As you adventure through the vast ruins of what's left of the world, you'll deduce what happened and who's responsible for the devastation. Once you've reached a certain skill level in the game, you'll be able to choose a new profession for your character as a warrior, wizard/witch, or hunter.

ShadowFlare has a high level of difficulty; however, you will have an animal companion to fight alongside you so don't worry. You will come across many acquaintances, foes, and friends along the way, including the original demon himself, Dignosis, and his rival, the white angel Altecia.

Now, let the journey begin...


ShadowFlare: Thank you for your continued support!

To date, ShadowFlare has had 375,669 downloads at alone! For Action RPG's at, it is the top 6th most downloaded game ever, and the top 3rd for most downloads in the last week! Among its many players, ShadowFlare continues to be a favorite, top-rated, mission-based RPG. The ShadowFlare community continues to prosper because of players like you and your continued devotion. Thank you for your support!

If  you are someone who hasn't tried ShadowFlare yet, please do, this isn't something you want to miss out on!!

January 15. 2009

ShadowFlare: Still a most popular role-playing game!

ShadowFlare is still one of most popular, top-rated games in many download sites including!

If you have not tried yet, go ahead!  Thank you for your support!

July 7. 2006

ShadowFlare: More Download Sites available! 

We added a mirror site for downloading ShadowFlare: Episode One you can play for free!

Of course, we still accept your orders for Episode Two, Three, Four and All Episodes.

Go ahead, download and enjoy!.

Apr. 2. 2005

ShadowFlare: All Episodes Now Available on a CD-ROM! 

Purchase ShadowFlare: All Episodes now!!

You can purchase all Episodes on a CD-ROM!  Thank you very much for your support.

July.10 2003

ShadowFlare: Four Episodes Now Available on CD-ROMs! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episodes now!!

You can purchase all the Episodes on CD-ROMs!  Thank you very much for your support.

June.26 2003

ShadowFlare: Episode Four Released! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episode Four now!!

This is the final Episode of ShadowFlare.
Thank you very much for your support.

Feb.13 2003

ShadowFlare: Episode One Now Available for Free! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episode One for free!

Those who have purchased Episode One will be given a free license key for Episode Four.  Thank you for your support!

Jan.21 2003

ShadowFlare: Episode Three Released! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episode Three now!

Jan.10 2003

ShadowFlare: Episode Two Released! 

Download ShadowFlare: Episode Two now!

Dec.10 2002

ShadowFlare: New Utilities! 

ShadowFlare Lobby Client (Server Browser) and Item Catalog released!

Oct. 25 2002

ShadowFlare: Episode One Released!

Download ShadowFlare: Episode One now!

Oct. 8 2002

Release Dates:

Episode One - October 8, 2002

Episode Two - December 10, 2002

Episode Three - January 10, 2003

Episode Four - February 13, 2003

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System Requirements - CPU Pentium II 450 MHz, OS Windows95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP, 128 MB RAM

Maximum Players - 4 people can play together online.

(ShadowFlare: Episode One)



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